London Heathrow Airport

Originally known as London Airport, London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in the United Kingdom. Based on passenger traffic in Europe, Heathrow is the third busiest airport. Furthermore, it is the seventh busiest in terms of total passenger traffic and the second busiest in terms of international passenger traffic.

Among other six airports in London, Heathrow made a record of serving 80.8 million passengers in 2019 along with 475,861 aircraft travels. More than 80 airlines take flight from Heathrow airport to about 180 destinations worldwide.

London Heathrow won the award in Security category in International Airport Review in the year 2017. In case you are travelling to and fro from London Heathrow, this airport guide will definitely help you out.

Table of contents

➡️ Basic Information

➡️ History of London Heathrow Airport

➡️ Airlines at London Heathrow Terminals

➡️ Luxurious Lounges at Heathrow Airport

➡️ Shopping at Heathrow Airport

➡️ International Cuisine Dining

➡️ Other Services at London Heathrow

➡️ Transfers from London Heathrow Airport



Basic Information

Before we move into the details, let’s get our basics ready.

Airport Code: LHR

Airport Location: 24 kilometres (15 miles) in the west of central London

Airport Address: Hounslow, Heathrow Airport, Greater London, TW6 1AP

Contact Number: +44 844 335 1801

Terminals: Five Terminals in total, but four in use

Time Zone: GMT +0000, Greenwich Mean Time



History of London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport officially opened for commercial travel on 31 May 1946. It was initially named London Airport and renamed Heathrow after it became official. However,there goes a deep history in the making of the largest airport of London.

During the First World War period, from 1914-1919, the British Flying Corps used London Heathrow as a military airport and training area. In Hounslow Aerodrome’s airfield, De Havilland DH-4A Flight to Paris became the first international flight to take off in 1919.

Later in the 1920s, due to the unstable airport conditions, it was closed and again reopened as an airfield field known as Great Western Aerodrome. Fairey Aviation owned the airport and used it for aircraft testing.

The government requisitioned the airfield to use for long haul flight in 1944. The airport was used to sustain the ongoing war with Japan. The war ended before the work was accomplished, and from there, the idea to expand civil aviation came into being.

The Heathrow site becomes ideal for building the largest airport in London equipped with modern equipment. In 1946, one runway became ready to use. Furthermore, three runways were constructed by the year 1947.

As soon as the passenger traffic increased, the Queen established Terminal 2 in 1955. Along with that, a tunnel was opened to provide direct access to the road from the airport’s central area. After that, in 1968 came the Oceanic Terminal, which handles long-haul carriers and still functions as Terminal 3 after the opening of Terminal 1. In 1986, Terminal 4 was inaugurated.

Now, London Heathrow Airport offers exceptional road and rail connections from London to different parts of the country. Much later, in 2002, Terminal 5 was opened to fulfill the demands of increased traffic. In 2015, Terminal 1 was closed so that Terminal 2 could expand, and now London Heathrow has four functioning terminals.


Airlines at London Heathrow Terminals

At present, London Heathrow Airport has four functional terminals where specific airlines operate. Each of the terminals is located at a certain distance from each other. If you have a layover at Heathrow, you need to keep in mind which terminal you have to reach to access the services.

Airlines at Terminal 2

For long-haul airlines, Terminal 2 is your destination. Below you can find the various airlines you will find on Terminal 2.
United Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Thai Airways
TAP Portugal
Swiss International Airlines
South African Airways
Singapore Airlines
SAS- Scandinavian Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Croatia airlines
Brussels Airlines
Australian Airlines
Asiana Airlines
Air New Zealand
Aer Lingus
Air China
Air Canada
Aegean airlines

Airlines at Terminal 3

At Terminal 3, you will find Long-haul flights of Virgin Atlantic and for Oneworld alliance members. Look at the airlines below:
American Airlines
Cathay Pacific
British Airways
Delta Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Japan Airlines
Iran Air
MEA Middle East Airlines
LATA Airlines
Philippine Airlines
Royal Jordanian
Pakistan Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Sri Lankan Airlines

Airlines at Terminal 4

All the European Airlines terminate and originate at Terminal 4. You might also find a few long-haul flights. You can look at the list below if your airline is among them or not:
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Bulgaria Air
Air Algerie
China Southern
China Eastern Airlines
Arik Air
Air Mauritius
Gulf Air
Air Astana
Etihad Airways
Air Serbia
Jet Airways – India
Air France
Kenya Airways
Air Malta
Korean Air
Oman Air
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Qatar Airways
Kuwait Airways
Malaysia Airlines System
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Brunei Airlines
Vietnam Airlines
Uzbekistan Airways
Turkmenistan Airlines

Airlines at Terminal 5

You can find Iberia and British Airways at Terminal 5. Apart from that, you can reach Terminal 3 and 2 via free Heathrow Express Train in twenty minutes from Terminal 5.


Luxurious Lounges at Heathrow Airport

Delay in flight and waiting can be strenuous if you don’t have a place to stay and relax. London Heathrow airport lounges allow a luxurious stay at the airport lounges. Let’s take a look.

Lounges at Terminal 2

The access to lounges at Terminal 2 is available for business or first-class flyers on Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Aer Lingus, United, and Lufthansa airlines. If you are a member of Star Alliance, you can also take advantage of the lounges along with drink and food.

Besides, all passengers can enjoy Plaza Premium Lounges located at terminals 5 and 4 levels. Also, some spaces at Level 5 are dedicated to sleeping and business meetings.

Lounges at Terminal 3

Are you flying business or first class on Oneworld airline? You have plenty of lounge options at Terminal 3 to relax and enjoy food & drinks. You can check out the lounges offered by Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates, and the American Airlines Admiral clubs. Moreover, Virgin Atlantic provides two lounges for relaxation, one after the arrival hall and the second on the Upper-Class Wing.

For a business meeting, there is a Regus Express Business Lounge. To recharge your electronic devices, you have the Aspire Lounge.

Lounges at Terminal 4

All the business and first-class passengers can enjoy the lounges at Heathrow Airport travelling on Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Gulf Air. You can expect bars, buffets, and sufficient relaxing space.

Passengers on other airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern, AeroMexico, and others can enjoy free WiFi, meals, business center at Skyteam Lounge.

Lounges at Terminal 5

As it is dedicated to British Airways, business-class and first-class passengers can enjoy the facilities of luxurious lounges.

There is a Concorde Room which is equipped with relaxation rooms and a table-service restaurant. For the spa treatment, you can visit two Galleries lounges.



Shopping at Heathrow Airport

From choosing jewelry purveyors and high-end clothing, you can pick anything for your in-flight entertainment from multiple shops.

Shopping Destinations at Terminal 2

Terminal 2 offers a great place for clothing from popular brands like Burberry, Kurt Geignar, and Paul Smith. At Boots, you can buy some essential toiletries. In addition, if you want to buy baggage or travel accessories, Excess Baggage Company will wrap and ship your luggage for transit.

Lastly, there is a great deal for your children too. You can pick cool and exciting toys for your children to keep them engaged during the flight at Hamleys.

Shopping Destinations at Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has 45 shops in total, offering choices to purchase from watches, jewelry, and branded clothing. For youthful wardrobe classics, you can check out Mulberry and Jack Wills.

If you have forgotten some pre-flight accessories, you can easily find them at Rolling Luggage.

Shopping Destinations at Terminal 4

From Ted Baker to Bally to Louis Vuitton, about 40 shops are waiting for you to treat yourself with brand new clothing. At Cath Kidston, you can find something to enhance your home interior.

The duty-free shops are never out of style when you have to buy reasonable fragrances and liquors.

Shopping Destinations at Terminal 5

With 60 shops in one place, Terminal 5 is the center for a shopping destination. With popular brands such as Armani Collezioni, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, McCartney, you can treat your eyes with their brand new collection.

For book lovers, your flight is incomplete without an interesting book. At Bookshop, you will have plenty of choice among different genres to read from.

When you are the London Heathrow Airport, you cannot miss the world-famous shop Harrods, at Terminal 5 and Terminal 2. And now, it has recently opened its brand new store at Terminal 3. You can find everything from luxurious fashion and beauty brands, furniture, food, and many more.

Do you remember Harry Potter and the famous wall at platform 9 3/4? You can find the wall in London at Kings Cross Station, next to a Harry Potter store. And because London is well-known as the city of Happy Potter, you can find also a Harry Potter shop at Terminal 5. Harry Potter fans have a great chance to find themselves in the wizardly world of J.K Rowling.


International Cuisine Dining

Long stay over at airports is incomplete without eateries. London Heathrow provides you with various eateries, pubs, and restaurants at all terminals. You can take a look at some restaurants below if they match your eating style.

Dining Options at Terminal 2

Here are some of the restaurant and bar choices you can find at Terminal 2.

Yo! Sushi: Fan of sashimi and sushi? The Japanese restaurant serves its dishes on a conveyor belt.

The Gorgeous Kitchen The place is famous for traditional British eateries and offers a juice bar menu.

La Salle Restaurant and Bar The best place for the perfect French meal.

Wonder tree People with a gluten-free diet can find gluten-free food along with many vegetarian options.

Dining Options at Terminal 3

For a quick and sublime eat, you can find many restaurants as per your liking.

Oriel Grande Brasserie: Offers traditional French dishes such as lobster Thermidor and eggs Benedict.

Giraffe Stop: For a quick eat stop, you can find food items like juices, salads, and fast hot dogs.

Caviar House & Prunier Oyster Bar: The place is best for seafood delicacies.

The Curator Bar & Dining: The place is best known for craft beers and an artisanal cocktail along with its seasonal food menu.

Dining Options at Terminal 4

You can find the below-mentioned eateries to have your fill at Terminal 4.

Pret a Manger: With ready to eat food items, you can easily make salads and sandwiches from here directly to your plane.

The Commission: The restaurant offers full service from breakfast, lunch, dinner to cocktails.

Comptoir Libanais: If you like to eat traditional Lebanese dishes, this is the place for you.

Dining Options at Terminal 5

Delay can be frustrating, but at Terminal 5, you can turn your tiresome delay into experimenting with new dishes at amazing restaurants.

Wagamama: For an in-flight takeaway and quick bite, rice dishes and Asian noodles are available at Wagamama.

Pilots Bar & Kitchen: For kids, the place offers delicious pancakes and burgers.

Carluccio’s: For everything Italian, you can enjoy pasta, Italian coffee, and other specialties at this restaurant.

Huxleys Restaurant and Bar: To enjoy traditional British food, the place has everything from toffee puddings to sausages.


Other Services at London Heathrow

In addition to lounges, shopping, and dining facilities, Heathrow Airport offers other helpful services for your comfortable and convenient journey.

Porters: If you need help with your luggage, you can book a porter for a small fee.

Fast Track: If you want to quickly pass through the security, business and frequent flyers can avail Fast track service.

Foreign Exchange: At Terminex, you can exchange pre-paid currency, USD and Euros whenever required.

Baggage Delivery: You can use the facility of Transferbags to avoid carrying luggage throughout the airport.



Transfers from London Heathrow Airport

To travel from London Heathrow to Central London, you have got plenty of options to choose from. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The quickest transport to reach central London is via Heathrow Express train. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach London Paddington Station from the airport. The train begins its journey from 5 am in the morning and run until midnight.

Secondly, you can travel from Tfl Rail to reach London Paddington from Heathrow. The train crosses the stations including Heathrow Central, Hayes & Harlington, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing, and Ealing broadway. You can reach London Paddington Station in 25 minutes via Tfl Rail.

You can find the Heathrow station for TfL Rail at Terminal 2 and 3 of the airport. There are signs which you can follow for Train to reach the station from Terminal 2 & 3.


The London Underground is the cheapest option in comparison to Tfl Rail or Heathrow Express. However, travelling with the London metro (also called Subway) takes a longer time than the other options.

You can travel with the Piccadilly Line, which leaves after every few minutes from 5.10 am to 11.45 pm on weekdays, and 5.50 am to 11.30 pm on Sundays. It takes approximately 50 minutes to reach Piccadilly Circus.

To make your journey convenient, there are three underground stations at London Heathrow. You can find each one of them at terminals 2, 3, and 5. Currently, the underground rails are running from Terminal 2, 3, and 5.

The Terminal 2 & 3 stations at Heathrow are situated in-between the terminals. You can reach the station through the pedestrian subway within few minutes of walk. On the other hand, Heathrow Terminal 5 station is located at the terminal building basement.

The Piccadilly Line runs between Heathrow and Cockfosters, which allows you to interchange metro lines or other rail and Tube services. The underground metro offers a convenient connection for you to reach your destination easily.


The easyBus operates a coach service to Shepherd’s bush from London Heathrow central bus station. Apart from that, National Express also offers a coach service between Victoria coach station and the airport’s central bus station. The total journey time is about ninety minutes.


You can also use the bus to reach central London from the London Heathrow Airport. N9 night bus offers frequent service from the airport to Trafalgar Square after every twenty minutes. It will take 76 minutes to reach central London.

How to reach the Heathrow Bus Central station? For your convenience, the bus station at London Heathrow airport is situated between Terminal 2 & 3. Within a few minutes’ walk from the terminal, you can reach the bus station by following the signs. Also, the bus station remains functional round the clock.


You can find a long queue of taxis outside Heathrow airport. Make sure that you choose a reputable minicab or black cab to travel. Also, ask about the cost of the journey before finalizing your trip.

Car Parking

Each terminal offers car parking options for a short stay. The recommended time for a stay is for five hours. Valet and Business parking is also available at each terminal, and you can easily book your slot from the website.